"And Jim is always with us. In the air, in the ether, in the electricity. In the sounds and rhythms of Doors’ music. In the images of his poetry. In the joys and anguish of his soul, which he so publicly bared to us. In the hundreds of photos of the “young lion” that wink out at us from the collective media. In the radio’s playing of “Riders on the Storm” on rainy days across America. In a blurb in a newspaper, or a book title, or a film title using one of his lines, one of his catchphrases. And his face on the T-shirts being sold from Venice Beach, California, to San Marco Square in Venice, Italy. I have seen them. And in each new generation’s discovery of The Doors and Jim’s plea of: “Please, please, listen to me, children. You are the ones who will rule the world.” In each new generation’s quest for it’s own freedom, Jim is there. The Doors are there." - Ray Manzarek (Light My Fire: My Life with The Doors)

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    Yup. A little something for you fans of the vulva.
    Some art. With pretty colors.
    You’re welcome.

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    looking out for your significant other like


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    Steve Buscemi singing along to the punk band Flipper. 

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    Bad Brains

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